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The Saudi Customs issued the new version of the customs clearance manual, which includes many new amendments, to be a comprehensive and integrated reference for all customs partners of Saudi customs clearance practitioners. The Customs set a date for its work sixty days after the date of approval of the issued version 20-6-1439 AH.

The guide contains a detailed manual documentation on the profession of customs clearance and its mechanism of operation, and all customs and legal procedures related to it. The guide aims to regulate the practice of customs clearance, regulate the procedures for issuing, renewing and canceling customs clearance licenses, Customs clearance on the movement of incoming, outgoing and transit goods, the reduction of customs violations and the handling of differences that may occur in the exercise of activity between trustees and stakeholders. The Guide also contributes to increased voluntary compliance and clarifies the procedures to be followed The investigation and management of the compliance process.
The new amendments to the Customs Clearance Manual are in line with the re-engineering of the customs procedures recently applied by Saudi Customs, in line with the facilitation of cross-border trade, in addition to the Saudi Customs' The first region in the provision of premium customs services to become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a global logistics platform.
It is worth mentioning that Saudi Customs has allowed all its customers and partners in the customs work an electronic version of the manual through its website. Customs also called upon all its customs partners to make sure of the new manual and abide by the regulatory provisions of customs clearance.

The candidate to this license shall meet the following requirements:

  • 1. 21 years old citizen of any of the GCC member states.
  • 2. Obtaining a high school certificate or the equivalent.
  • 3. Receiving a course on customs business at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • 4. Obtaining a computer data entry certificate from a governmental or private training institute.
  • 5. Obtaining a certificate of elementary knowledge of English Language from a governmental or private training institute.
  • 6. The candidate shall not be a government employee.
  • 7. The candidate shall not be an employee at any agency involved in customs clearance business.
  • 8. The candidate shall not practice import and export business.
  • 9. The candidate shall present a certificate of no previous convictions (clean slate).
  • 10. The candidate shall pass the exam in customs tariff, principles of accounting, Basic English, and Common Customs Law of the GCC States and its implementation rule.
  • 11. Presenting unconditional bank guarantee amounted to SR100, 000 in the name of the Director General, Saudi Customs valid for three years and six months (to be submitted after passing the exam).
  • 12. Attach 4 colored pictures 3x4cm + a small hanging file + a copy of the ID card.